When I make work, I like to make paintings.  I usually create these with paint pens, though oil, or a combination of both, can also be seen through out my work.  The Painting support for me could be almost anything: Stretched canvas, a piece of wood, or a surfboard.  My imagery usually reflects the fact that I grew up my whole life around the ocean and spend much of my time surfing. Waves and water are common components in my work.  That connection with nature allows me to be more in tune with its workings.  I see life around me as constantly flowing, and I like to incorporate that into my work in a formal way by keeping the eye of the viewer moving in, out, and around the painting.

       I grew up surfing around the suburban setting of Asbury Park, NJ, which was once a flourishing vacation me 2destination rich with symbolism and architecture. For the past 20 to 30 years it’s been overrun with poverty and corruption, leaving ghettos and vacant beachside attractions, and only recently has it begun to blossom again. 

The perfection I find in the water is the exact opposite of the concrete jungle I find facing me on shore, even with its recent renaissance.  So with the help of color and pattern, I will attempt to make these realities collide, causing a vibration that will allow the viewer to take a glimpse inside my mind, and experience the world through my eyes.