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Maybe another morning like this sooner than later…


@belmarpro || Day 1

The 2019 @belmarpro presented by @easternlinessurfshop starts tomorrow! If your in Belmar checking out the competition, make sure to pick up a limited edition, signed and numbered, copy of my design for this years event. Thanks again to @dteasternlinescom for the opportunity and to @marksisom for the digital work which you’ll see all around the event! #belmarpro #easternlinessurfshop #surfart #posterart #posca #poscaart #paintpens #jglennart #nj @easternsurfmag

Another pic in the wall


Thanks again Dorian : @pawlak_drew

Haven’t been this sore and sunburnt in a long time. Thanks Dorian. Thoughts to everyone who didn’t fair as well as us. #hurricanedorian #nj

Dorian || Day 1 || New Jersey

️️ #ogbp

Rainy Labor Day fun with the @oceangrovebeachpatrol middle beach crew on the last day of the summer 2019 regular season. Time for post season and local summer! #ogbp #middlebeach #siton5looklike10s

Lots of action at the office today as the Atlantic begins to light up.